BOOKS HEAL Inc. Presents
(PETSD) Coming Soon!

PeTSD: Persistent Traumatic Slave Disorder Countering the Destruction, Division, Dehumanization, and Destabilization of Black children & Families since 1960’s and our Integration into the Black Holocaust Slave Trauma Matrix.

Winter 2016, Negrologist-Dr. Drama aka Baba Seville planned a nationwide social justice movement with Momma Leola Maddox & AleahRN to address the national crisis and national emergencies in Black community.

The plan was to launch 2018 at the United African Movement, but due to a health problem Momma Leola transitioned to the ancestor realm March 2017. 

BaBa Seville plans for the national conference were converted into a book with assistance by Trauma-Expert

AleahRN topics covered:

1) Police Terrorism;
2) Family Court & CPS Slave Trade by different Games & Names
3) MKUltra Willie Lynch slavemaking tricks
4) Health- Death & SAD Diets that are dangerous to Black children and Black Families
5) Media Weapons of Mass Destruction & Dehumanization of Black children, men, and women
6) Whiteko Supremacy – Culture vampires, parasites, & Culture Vultures - Dr Bobby E Wright documents it as the Psychopathic Racial Personality
7) PedoSatanic & Rape Culture- STD’s Sexually Transmitted Demons
8) Dookylicious Sodomy Apocalypse: like the god Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian) warned and he was 100% correct, “we are being groomed for dooky doom”
9) Trap Music & No Love in Music or Hip-Hop RIP Biggy, Prince, Whitney, MJ & Tupac
10) PeTSD also denounces scammers and coons in the Black & UnCONscious community allowing parasitic “dagger squads” con-Artist to rip-off and impoverish Black children and the Black family while we are already in a national crisis for survival and various states of emergency(s) Black Serial Family Killing Orgs & Institutions
11) 1950 to 2018: Integrating into A Black Holocaust Slave Trauma Matrix Industry: Black Serial Family Killing Orgs & Institutions

• PeTSD is a BIBLE for Black survival, & study guide for the Black family to help break White Supremacy 4th Reich hexes, curses, eugenocide, and MKUltra Willie Lynch- Psycho-Voodoo Tricks